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Bob & Joan Lokker

Bob and Joan are Church Planters among the Fulbe, an unreached Muslim people group. Church planting means we do whatever needs to be done (evangelism, discipling, and training leaders) for the purposes of multiplication of communiti8es and Fulbe believers.

Their ministry has developed into a "ministry center" philosophy of ministry in that we work out of and/or support antional ministries in several different geographic areas, including a new one in an area about 700 KM's to the East and South of Banyo. 

The potent combination of Islam and culture continues to be a large barrier to the growth of the Fulbe church in the Cameroon. Yet there is a building op0enness to the Gospel, especially in the area of the radio ministry and parternships with other ministries/national believers.

Prayer Requests:
Pray for local team and local ministry (church, radio, children, and support projects) that they would conitnue to grow with national leadership.

Pray for expansion into new areas to the East.

Pray for personal protection and stamina--physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Especially as it relates to our family as a whole; all the kids being back in the US.